& what to expect

Heres a little section on what to expect! Alongside a little more information on the therapeutic process!

  • Firstly, if you are thinking about attending counselling, but you're not too sure - thats totally fine! Before booking in a one to one session with me in person, we can arrange a 15 minute free consultation over the phone, where we discuss any questions you may have, talk through reasons you are interesting in undergoing therapy and any hopes and goals. 

  • After your free 15 minute phone consultation, we can book in a one to one counselling session - if you want to go ahead. In our first session, we will go through a contract, which will be a clear discussion on our therapeutic process - and any general information you will need to know before we begin our therapeutic sessions together.

  • I may ask you questions as to why you wanted to attend therapy, what your hopes and goals are, what you may want to use the sessions for - which will allow me to understand and gain some insight.

  • Once all the above is complete, our sessions can begin - I am always happy to answer any questions, discuss anything you may be unsure about or in general take the sessions at a pace, where you feel comfortable and happy. Sessions take place weekly, at the same time, location and day - however I am happy to assist on a change of times and days if this isn't possible. I am aware that some clients may want a set number of therapy sessions due to wanting to sort out their finances beforehand & plan in advance (may already know what they would like to focus on in sessions)

This can be arranged and booked in advance only if preferred. 



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